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Getting in touch with Tingum Village

Whether you’re looking to learn more about accommodation and catering, or just seeking general advice on your stay, feel free to reach out to the team for advice.

Tingum Village Hotel accepts reservations online and has a courteous full-time staff dedicated to making each guest’s stay a pleasant and stress-free one.

Of course, each guest is different — some love the tranquility, calm, and warmth of the Bahamian culture, while others enjoy exploring the islands and the ocean. Luckily, there is something for everyone on Harbour Island.

Whatever your version of paradise looks like, there’s no better place on earth to search for it than the idyllic shores of Harbour Island.

Getting Here:

Guests commonly arrive via Nassau Airport. From here, regular onward flights are available to North Eleuthera. In turn, this airport is close to the dock, from which water taxis are readily offered to guests seeking the beauty of Harbour Island.

Alternatively, some find it more enjoyable to soak up a longer scenic ferry ride from Nassau. This service runs each morning at 8 am and takes a couple of hours to reach the destination.

Tingum Village Hotel
Colebrook St. Harbour Island
Dunmore Town, Bahamas
+1 242-333-2161

P.O. Box 61

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David Jewell

David is a proud Bahamian originally from the island of New Providence. These days he prefers the calmer shores of the Out Islands where he has...

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