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Harbour Island’s Exquisite Beauty

With its sprawling world-famous pink sand beaches and lush tropical gardens, Harbour Island (just off Eleuthera) is the Caribbean’s best kept secret paradise. The largest island settlement is Dunmore Town — a quaint, friendly and laid-back spot with a central location. The beautiful Tingum Village Hotel is located nearby, built in the authentic colonial style and home to beautifully kept tropical gardens.

With Tingum as your base for tropical adventure you’ll be inevitably drawn to the magnificent eastern coastline with its pink-white fine sand and clear blue waters. Many visitors to the island comment on its relative ‘stillness’, a sense that despite its beauty, the island remains relatively undiscovered by other Caribbean tourists.

The 19 rooms, suites and cottages at Tingum are proudly unique yet nevertheless equipped with all modern luxuries including flatscreen TVs and coffee-makers (in some). There simply is no better place in the Bahamas to discover your slice of paradise than on the tranquil and beautiful Harbour Island. Pay a visit to Tingum Village and discover what real Bahamian hospitality is all about!


One of the most esteemed beaches in the Caribbean is just a short hike from Tingum Village, and serves as an irresistible draw for guests. The rugged path through to the ocean is an endeavor well worth its while and leads to a gorgeous, secluded beach. If you are ready to have your breath taken by nature then ask the staff for tips on excursions, they’ll be happy to help! Further down the coast you’ll find watersports or on the other side of the town near the harbour.

Harbour Island is famously a big fishing and yachting community, which is what most of the conversations here center around. However, you can find diving at Valentine’s — a full-service dive operation located in the harbour.

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful retreat where time slows down to a recuperative pace; and where being casual and friendly is the norm rather than the exception; where you can get to know the other guests or just be alone; where you can experience some wonderful fruity drinks and good Bahamian cooking with a smile; then come and visit Ma Ruby and Tingum Village. No frills, just an affordable tropical haven perfectly suited for relaxation and exploratory tropical trips!

Written by
David Jewell

David is a proud Bahamian originally from the island of New Providence. These days he prefers the calmer shores of the Out Islands where he has worked in virtually all aspects of the tourism trade. He prides himself on going the extra mile to deliver the best and most current advice on all things concerning the Bahamas. David draws on his experience as a tour guide, travel concierge, and hotel manager to ensure that you needn't ever have to look anywhere else for trip-planning guidance.

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David Jewell

David is a proud Bahamian originally from the island of New Providence. These days he prefers the calmer shores of the Out Islands where he has...

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